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பனிரெண்டாம் தாலமி: திருத்தங்களுக்கு இடையிலான வேறுபாடு

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'''பனிரெண்டாம் தாலமி''' ('''Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos Philopator Philadelphos''') ({{lang-grc-koi|Πτολεμαῖος Νέος Διόνυσος}}, {{lang|grc-latn|Ptolemaĩos Néos Diónysos}}; {{[[கிமு]] 117}} – [[கிமு]] 51) [[எலனியக் காலம்|எலனியக் காலத்தில்]] [[பண்டைய எகிப்து|பண்டைய எகிப்தின்]] [[பிந்தைய கால எகிப்திய இராச்சியம்| பிந்தைய கால எகிப்திய இராச்சியத்தை]] ஆண்ட கிரேக்க [[தாலமி வம்சம்|தாலமி வம்சத்தின்]] 12ஆம் [[தாலமிப் பேரரசு|பேரரசர்]] மற்றும் [[பார்வோன்]] ஆவார். இவர் எகிப்தை [[கிமு]] 80 முதல் 58 முடிய 38 ஆண்டுகள் [[ஆட்சிக் காலம்|ஆட்சி]] செய்தார். இவரது பட்டத்தரசி ஐந்தாம் கிளியோபாட்ரா ஆவார். இவரது குழந்தைகள் பெரனீஸ் IV, ,[[,[[ஏழாம் கிளியோபாற்றா]], அர்சினோ IV, [[பதிமூன்றாம் தாலமி]] மற்றும் [[பதிநான்காம் தாலமி]] ஆவார். இவர் [[பதினொன்றாம் தாலமி]] - ஐந்தாம்
Ptolemy XII was an [[illegitimate]] son of [[Ptolemy IX]] by an uncertain mother. In 116 BC Ptolemy IX's father, [[Ptolemy VIII]], died and he became co-regent with his mother, [[Cleopatra III]]. However, he was forced into a civil war against his mother and brother, [[Ptolemy X]], leading to his exile in 107 BC. Cleopatra III sent her grandsons to [[Kos]] in 103 BC. They were captured by [[Mithridates VI of Pontus]] probably in 88 BC, around the time Ptolemy IX returned to the Egyptian throne. After their father died in 81 BC, Ptolemy XII's half-sister [[Berenice III]] took the throne. She was soon murdered by her cousin and co-regent, [[Ptolemy XI]], who was then killed.
Ptolemy XII was recalled from [[Kingdom of Pontus|Pontus]] and proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt, while his brother, also named [[Ptolemy of Cyprus|Ptolemy]], became king of [[Ancient history of Cyprus|Cyprus]]. By his wife [[Cleopatra V]], Ptolemy XII had at least one child, [[Berenice IV]], and probably [[Cleopatra VII]]; he had his three youngest children, [[Arsinoe IV]], [[Ptolemy XIII]], and [[Ptolemy XIV]], with an unknown mother. His uncle, Ptolemy X, had left Egypt to [[Ancient Rome|Rome]] in the event there were no surviving heirs, making Roman annexation of Egypt a possibility. In an effort to prevent this, Ptolemy XII established an alliance with Rome late into his first reign. Rome annexed Cyprus in 58 BC, causing Ptolemy of Cyprus to commit suicide.
Shortly afterwards, Ptolemy XII was deposed by the Egyptian people and fled to Rome; his eldest daughter, Berenice IV, took the throne. With Roman funding and military assistance, Ptolemy XII was able to recapture Egypt and have Berenice IV killed in 55 BC. He named his daughter Cleopatra VII as his co-regent in 52 BC. He died the next year and was succeeded by Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy XIII, as joint rulers.
==Background and early life==
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