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வல்லூறு: திருத்தங்களுக்கு இடையிலான வேறுபாடு

2,062 பைட்டுகள் நீக்கப்பட்டது ,  6 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்
(வெளியிணைப்பு சேர்த்தல்/நீக்கல்)
சி (*திருத்தம்*)
About 37; see text.
| synonyms =
*''Aesalon''<!-- this might have been given twice: Kaup 1829 and Morris 1837 -->
*''Lithofalco''<!-- this might have been given twice: Reider & Hahn 1835 and Bonaparte (unjustified emendation: 1840) -->
*''Tinnunculus'' <small>Linnaeus, 1766</small>
*''Hierofalco'' <small>[[Frédéric Cuvier|Cuvier]], 1817</small>
*''Cerchneis'' <small>Boie, 1826</small>
*''Hypotriorchis'' <small>Boie, 1826</small>
*''Rhynchodon'' <small>Nitzsch, 1829</small>
*''Ieracidea'' <small>[[John Gould|Gould]], 1838</small>
*''Hieracidea'' <small>[[Hugh Edwin Strickland|Strickland]], 1841 (unjustified emendation){{Verify source|date=August 2007}}</small>
*''Gennaia'' <small>[[Johann Jakob Kaup|Kaup]], 1847</small>
*''Jerafalco'' <small>[[Johann Jakob Kaup|Kaup]], 1850 (unjustified emendation)</small>
*''Harpe'' <small>Bonaparte, 1855 (''non'' Lacepède 1802{{Verify source|date=August 2007}}<!-- possibly 1803 – print vs publication date? -->: [[Bodianus|preoccupied]])</small><!-- possibly also Harpe Merrem 1818, which would be preoccupied the same way as the name by Bonaparte.-->
*''Dissodectes'' <small>[[Philip Sclater|Sclater]], 1864</small>
*''Genaïe'' <small>[[Theodor von Heuglin|Heuglin]], 1867 (unjustified emendation){{Verify source|date=August 2007}}</small>
*''Harpa'' <small>[[Richard Bowdler Sharpe|Sharpe]], 1874 (''non'' Pallas 1774: [[Harpa (mollusc)|preoccupied]])</small>
*''Gennadas'' <small>Heine & [[Anton Reichenow|Reichenow]], 1890{{Verify source|date=August 2007}} (unjustified emendation){{Verify source|date=August 2007}}</small>
*''Nesierax'' <small>[[Harry Church Oberholser|Oberholser]], 1899</small>
*''Nesihierax'' <small>Dubois, 1902 (unjustified emendation)</small>
*''Asturaetus'' <small>[[Charles Walter De Vis|De Vis]], 1906 (non ''Asturaetos'' Brehm 1855: preoccupied)</small>
*''Plioaetus'' <small>[[Charles Wallace Richmond|Richmond]], 1908</small>
*''Sushkinia'' <small>Tugarinov, 1935 (''non'' Martynov 1930: [[Sushkinia|preoccupied]])<!-- a prehistoric Protozygoptera/Archizygoptera "dragonfly" genus --> – see below</small>


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