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12,702 பைட்டுகள் சேர்க்கப்பட்டது ,  7 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்
தொகுப்பு சுருக்கம் இல்லை
சி (தானியங்கி: 108 விக்கியிடை இணைப்புகள் நகர்த்தப்படுகின்றன, தற்போது விக்கிதரவில் இ...)
[[பூ]]க்கள், [[முகில்]]கள், [[தூவிப்பனி]] போன்றவை வெள்ளை நிறமாக தோன்றுவதால் மானிட காலாச்சரத்தில் வெள்ளை நிறம் முக்கிய இடத்தைப் பெற்றுள்ளது. பொதுவாக வெள்ளை நிறம் தூய்மை, சுத்தம் என்பவற்றைக் குறிக்கப் பயன்படுகிறது. வெள்ளை, [[கருப்பு]] நிறங்களிடையே காணப்படும் பாரிய வேறுபாட்டால் இவை வேற்றுமையைக் குறிக்க பயன்படுத்தப்படுகின்றன. சீன கலாச்சாரத்தில் வெள்ளை நிறம் சாவைக் குறிக்கிறது.
File:LhotseMountain.jos.500pix.jpg|Fresh snow. [[Lhotse]] Mountain, on the border between [[Tibet]] and [[Nepal]].
File:Milk glass.jpg|A glass of [[milk]]
File:Cloud.jpg|[[Cumulus]] clouds
File:Taj Mahal 2002.JPG|White [[marble]] - the [[Taj Mahal]].
File: Ivory cover of the Lorsch Gospels, c. 810, Carolingian, Victoria and Albert Museum.jpg| [[Ivory]] cover of the Lorsch Gospels, circa 810 AD, (Victoria and Albert Museum, London.) File:Three Maries.jpg|[[Alabaster]] statue of the three Maries, (circa 1450), Warsaw Museum.
File:Andalusian.jpg|A white [[Andalusian horse]]. White is commonly associated with innocence, perfection and purity.
File:Polar bear with young - ANWR.jpg|[[Polar bear]] with young, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.
File:Douvres (6).JPG|The [[white cliffs of Dover]] are composed of [[chalk]], or [[calcium carbonate]].
File:Paintings from the Chauvet cave (museum replica).jpg|Prehistoric paintings in [[Chauvet cave]], France (30,000 to 32,000 BC)
File:Ägyptischer Maler um 1360 v. Chr. 001.jpg|Painting of the goddess [[Isis]] (1380-1385 BC). The priests of her cult wore white linen.
File:Maler der Grabkammer des Thot 001.jpg|Paintings of women in white from a tomb (1448-1422 BC).
File:Chief Vestal.jpg|Statue of the chief [[Vestal Virgin]], wearing a white [[palla (garment)|palla]] and a white veil.
File:Sodoma - Life of St Benedict, Scene 31 - Benedict Feeds the Monk - WGA21581.jpg|The monks of the [[order of Saint Benedict]] (circa 480-542) first dressed in undyed white or gray wool robes, here shown in painting by [[Sodoma]] on the life of Saint Benedict (1504). They later changed to black robes, the color of humility and penitence.
File:Unicorn hunt - British Library Royal 12 F xiii f10v (detail).jpg|The white [[unicorn]] frequently appeared in Medieval art, often as a symbol of virginity and purity. This the unicorn hunt from the [[Rochester Bestiary]], from about 1230, in the [[British Library]].
File:Bartolomeo Passarotti Pope Pius V.jpg|Under Pope Pius V (1504-1472, a former monk of the [[Dominican order]], white became the official color worn by the Pope.
File:Ghent Altarpiece D - Adoration of the Lamb 2.jpg|The white lamb in the [[Ghent Altarpiece]] by [[Jan van Eyck]]. (1432)
File:Transfiguration by fra Angelico (San Marco Cell 6).jpg|The [[Transfiguration of Jesus|Transfiguration]] by [[Fra Angelico]] (1440-1442)
File:Dama z gronostajem.jpg|''Lady with an ermine'', by [[Leonardo da Vinci]] (1490). The [[ermine]] symbolized nobility and purity. It was believed that an ermine would rather die than allow its white fur to become dirty.
File:Mary Queen of Scots in mourning.jpg|[[Mary, Queen of Scots|Mary Stuart]] wore white in mourning for her husband, King [[Francois II]] of France, who died in 1560.
File:BasilikaOttobeurenHauptschiff02.JPG|A highly theatrical white [[Rococo]] interior from the 18th century, at the [[Ottobeuren Abbey|Basilica at Ottobeuren]], in [[Bavaria]].
File:Marie-Antoinette par Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun - 1783.jpg|White gown of [[Marie Antoinette]], painted by [[Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun]] in 1783.
File:Gilbert Stuart, George Washington (Lansdowne portrait, 1796).jpg|President [[George Washington]] in a white powdered wig. The first five Presidents of the United States wore dark suits with powdered wigs for formal occasions.
File:Emprjose.jpg|Portrait of [[Josephine de Beauharnais]] in a classic Empire gown, modeled after the clothing of ancient Rome. (1801), by [[Francois Gerard]]. (The State ''Hermitage Museum'').
File:Whistler James Symphony in White no 1 (The White Girl) 1862.jpg|''Symphony in White No. 1 - The White Gir''l, by [[James McNeill Whistler]] (1862).
File:За единую Россію.jpg|Poster for the [[White Army]] during the [[Russian Civil War]] (1917–22). The poster says: "for a United Russia."
File:Kazimir_Malevich_-_%27Suprematist_Composition-_White_on_White%27,_oil_on_canvas,_1918,_Museum_of_Modern_Art.jpg|''White on White'' (1917) by [[Kasimir Malevich]], [[Museum of Modern Art]], New York
File:VillaSavoye.jpg|The [[Villa Savoye]] (1928–31) by [[Le Corbusier]]. Le Corbusier called for a "calm and powerful" architecture built of steel and reinforced concrete.
File:Mondrian CompRYB.jpg |''Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red'' by [[Piet Mondrian]] (1937 - 1942). Currently held as part of the [[Tate Collection]].[http://www.tate.org.uk/servlet/ViewWork?cgroupid=999999961&workid=9603&searchid=9148]
File:ElvisPresleyAlohafromHawaii.jpg|The singer [[Elvis Presley]] began his career dressed in black, but in the late 1960s he switched to a more flamboyant white costume, which he designed himself, to symbolize his place as the "king of rock and roll".
File:Synthese+.svg|In the [[RGB color model]], used to create colors on TV and computer screens, white is made by mixing red, blue and green light at full intensity.
File:Dispersion prism.jpg|[[White light]] [[refract]]ed in a [[prism (optics)|prism]] revealing the color components.
File:Snow-covered fir trees.jpg|Snow is composed of ice and air; it scatters or reflects sunlight without absorbing other colors of the spectrum.
File:MontBlanc2c.jpg|[[Mont Blanc]] in the [[Alps]]. It takes its name from the white snow on its summit.
File:Cumulus clouds in fair weather.jpeg|[[Cumulus clouds]] look white because the water droplets reflect and scatter the sunlight without absorbing other colors.
File:Pensacola Beach 1957 White Sand.jpg|[[Pensacola Beach]], [[Florida]]. White sand beaches look white because the [[quartz]] or eroded [[limestone]] in the sand reflects or scatters sunlight without absorbing other colors.
File:Titanium(IV) oxide.jpg|Titanium white, made with [[titanium dioxide]], is the brightest white paint available. It also colors most toothpaste and sunscreen.
File:Zinc oxide.jpg|[[Zinc white]], made from [[zinc oxide]].
File:Sirius A and B Hubble photo.jpg|Image of [[Sirius|Sirius A and Sirius B]] taken by the [[Hubble Space Telescope]]. Sirius B, a white dwarf, is the faint pinprick of light to the lower left of the much brighter Sirius A.
File:Dove 001.JPG|The [[dove]] is an international symbol of [[peace]].
File:Ivory Gull Portrait.jpg|The [[ivory gull]].
File:Cygnus olor 2 (Marek Szczepanek).jpg|Mute [[swan]]s. Swans of the Northern Hemisphere are white, while those of the Southern Hemisphere are black and white.
File:Polarfuchs 1 2004-11-17.jpg|The [[arctic fox]].
File:Mustela erminea winter cropped.jpg|The [[ermine]], or [[stoat]]. Once considered the most noble of animals because it would rather die than dirty its fur, it is now considered an invasive species.
File:Uncia uncia.jpg|A [[snow leopard]].
File:Delphinapterus leucas 2.jpg|A [[beluga whale]]. Its color helps it hide from its chief enemies, the [[polar bear]] and [[killer whales]].<ref name=friedman>{{cite journal|url=http://www.cogsci.ucsd.edu/~johnson/text/Friedman_BelugaOverview.pdf |author=Friedman W. R. |title=Environmental Adaptations of the Beluga Whale (''Delphinapterus leucas'') |journal= Cognitive Science 143 |number= |date=June 2006 }}</ref>
File:White pearl necklace.jpg|White [[pearls]] are hard objects produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk, like an oyster or clam. They are made of [[calcium carbonate]] in minute crystalline form.
File:Wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.jpg|The wedding dress of [[Queen Victoria]] (1840) set the fashion for wedding dresses of the Victorian era and for the 20th century.
File:TsarNicholasIIWedding.jpg|The wedding of Czar [[Nicholas II of Russia]] and [[Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse)]], the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, in 1894.
File:Wedding kimono.jpg|Brides in China and other parts of Asia usually wear red, the color of happiness and good fortune, but in the [[Shinto]] religion of [[Japan]] brides traditionally wear a white wedding [[kimono]].
File:Apparition DB.JPG|The woman in white or dame blanche is a familiar figure in English, French and German ghost stories.
File:Apocalypse vasnetsov.jpg|The Biblical [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]]. Conquest, with a bow, rides a white horse. Death rides a pale or light green horse. (Painting by [[Viktor Vasnetsov]], 1887).
File:Yin and Yang.svg|In [[Taoism]], white represents the yang, or the masculine, one of the two opposite natures of the universe.
File:Iwamotoji PilgrimGirl.JPG|A pilgrim in Japan.
File:JapaneseFuneralEnvelope.jpg|In Japan, the traditional envelope for condolence gifts is wrapped in a black and white cord, and a white kimono is often placed in the coffin with the deceased.
File:Weisse tara mongolian art.jpg|The Buddhist deity [[Tara]] is often depicted with white skin.
File:Brahmin boy ritual.jpg|A [[Brahmin]] boy in India wears white for a religious ritual.
File:Bedouin.jpg|A [[Bedouin]] in the [[United Arab Emirates]]. White is the traditional costume for men, and the color of esteem and good fortune.
File:Parthenon.jpg|The [[Parthenon]] in Athens (5th century BC)
File:858MilanoDuomo.JPG|The [[Cathedral of Milan]] (1386-1965)
File:Delft interieur Waalse Kerk.jpg|[[Dutch reformed church]] interior in [[Delft]], the Netherlands (16th century)
File:2006Boston007.jpg|Interior of [[Old North Church]], Boston (1723)
File:WhiteHouseSouthFacade.JPG|The [[White House]] (1801), Washington D.C.
File:United States Capitol dome daylight.jpg|The [[United States Capitol]] dome (1855-1866)
File:Sacre-coeur-paris.jpg|[[Basilica of Sacre-Coeur]], Paris (1919)
File:St Mary's Cathedral - San Francisco.jpg|[[Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption|Saint Mary's Cathedral]] in San Francisco (1971)
File:Den Haag stadhuis april 2004.JPG|The City Hall in the [[Hague]], [[Netherlands]], by architect [[Richard Meier]] (2004).
File:Volunteer Army recruitment poster.jpg|A recruiting poster for the White [[Volunteer Army]] during the [[Russian Civil War]] (1919). The text says, "Son, go save the motherland!"
File:Klan-in-gainesville.jpg|A [[cross burning]] by the racist [[Ku Klux Klan]] in Florida in the early 20th century.
File:Al-Haram mosque - Flickr - Al Jazeera English.jpg|Thousands of pilgrims in white gather in [[Mecca]] for the beginning of their pilgrimage, or [[Haj]].
File:Pope Francis in March 2013.jpg|[[Pope Francis]] (2013). The Pope wears white as a symbol of innocence and sacrifice.
File:Toufuku-ji kaizandou3.JPG|The zen garden of [[Tofuku-ji]] temple in Japan. The [[Shinto]] religion uses white sand or gravel to symbolize a sacred place, while [[Zen Buddhism]] uses it to stimulate calm and meditation.
File:Pavillon royal de France.svg|Flag of the [[Bourbons]], royal family of France until the [[French Revolution]] and during the restoration of the monarchy afterwards.
File:Flag of the Vatican City.svg|The [[Flag of Vatican City]] (1929). The white and gold colors symbolize the colors of the keys to heaven given by [[Jesus Christ]] to [[Saint Peter]]: the gold of spiritual power, the white of worldly power. The keys have been the Papal symbol since the 13th century.
File:Flag of the Netherlands.svg|The [[flag of the Netherlands]] (1572) was the first red, white and blue national flag. [[Peter the Great]] adopted the colors for the [[flag of Russia]].
File:Flag of India.svg|The [[flag of India]] (1947). White represents "light, the path of truth".<ref>{{cite web | title= Flag Code of India | publisher=Ministry of Home Affairs (India) |url=http://mha.nic.in/pdfs/flagcodeofindia.pdf| accessdate=22 March 2014}}</ref>
File:Flag of Ireland.svg|The [[flag of Ireland]]. According to the Irish government press office, "The green represents the older Gaelic tradition while the orange represents the supporters of William of Orange. The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the 'Orange' and the 'Green'. "<ref>[http://www.taoiseach.gov.ie/eng/Historical_Information/The_National_Flag/], ''Taoiseach.gov.ie'', 2007. Retrieved on 22 March 2014.</ref>
File:Flag of Egypt.svg|The [[flag of Egypt]] (1984). The colors come from the [[flag of the Arab Revolt]] in 1916.
File:Flag of Taliban.svg|The flag of the [[Taliban]] in [[Afghanistan]] from 1997-2001. It reverses the colors of the [[Black Standard]], the flag of [[Muhammad]]. The text says 'There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet."
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